Meet our CTO Rick Szatkowski

While the world continues to seek new innovations, the ways these plans are funded and information exchanged lags behind the designs themselves. StageXchange launched this year to bring technology to deal making, taking several pain points out of development and capital raising. For StageXchange to grow, and to never outgrow its capabilities, its technological backbone needs to be held upright and operating on all cylinders.

StageXchange is proud to have Rick Szatkowski as its Chief Technology Officer. Rick has been there since day one, and figures to be a major player as the deal management platform grows and finds new industries to serve. When CEO Keith Hopkins prepared to bring on his tech leader, he wanted someone who was more than an expert in technology. Rick’s background uniquely suits him for the significant role he will continue to play in the company.

Rick has extensive knowledge of software language and database development and has been tasked with preparing StageXchange for an ever growing influx of interested parties. He will be a key member in the enhancement of StageXchange’s data entry platform and information highway. Rick also brings skill beyond his technical ability, showing prowess in his career in arbitration and deal management. His collective array of skills and proximity to the aims of StageXchange made him a key to the upper management of the company.

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