SITE Selector on the Road: Texas

We are back on the road:

Our amazing experience at Select USA hasn't stopped. The SITE Selector team is once more on the road and ready to showcase our platform with yet another hospital EDO group that we met in DC. Today we are in Texas where we will be demonstrating our capability as a technology platform and helping hardworking EDO folks in Texas better understand how our platform can assist EDOs in their jobs and strengthen their position with investors, foreign and domestic.

SITE Selector was designed to help site selection teams find the best location for their investment. The selector inputs up to 150 site requirements and the AI retrieves a Top Ten list based solely on the search criteria. SITE Selector's value is in its unbiased recommendations. No preferences for larger metro areas, no favor granted to trendy locales. The search engine is driven by the input criteria alone. That makes our platform is the perfect equalizer for small-to-mid sized EDOs because it provides visibility without the cost of ads or digital marketing strategies.



Photo by Roberta Guillen on Unsplash

Gotta love Texas bluebells!

We're Here to Help

SITE Selector is a free and easy-to-use tool for any and all EDOs. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the value of this unique and groundbreaking collaboration tool. Check us out at: SITE SELECTOR.


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