Texas Economic Development Council Invites Hopkins to Speak at Mid Year Conference

Keith A. Hopkins CEO of StageXchange has been invited by the Texas Economic Development Council to address its members at the Upcoming TEDC Mid-Year Conference just ahead of SelectUSA.

Keith will be introducing StageXchange and speaking on the topic of Giving Investors What They Want. This session will discuss due diligence from the investor’s perspective; de-risking investment through information; apple to apple comparisons and amplifying the efforts of Economic Development.

TEDC 2017 Mid-Year Conference Details
June 7-9, 2017

Marriott Legacy Town Center Hotel
7121 Bishop Road
Plano, Texas

Keith A. Hopkins, CEO of StageXchange

Session Date and Time:
Thursday, June 8th, 4:00-5:00 PM

Meeting room:
San Jacinto


Quick background on StageXchange:

StageXchange's founder and visionary CEO Keith Hopkins discovered while working in all parts of the Deal Ecosystem,
as aDeal Owner, Investor, and Partner, that the deal process was incredibly tedious. Out of frustration of the process, our software StageXchange was born. His two main observations led him to realize that the omnipresent pressure to find or
deploy capital had led to the manual nature of the entire deal ecosystem, and the lack of information technology resources
had created an environment that allowed people to double down on their long form process to keep the ecosystem humming, albeit inefficiently.  


After recognizing all of the challenges that Hopkins experienced first hand, he realized there had to be a better way. This path has now led to the third iteration of StageXchange and implementation of the Economic Development Office (EDO) search.

WHY EDO search?  

Search today is broken. Investors and Deal Owners constantly faced with “Information Overload” during the consideration phase have the inability to make a simple side-by-side comparison with up-to-date data. This dilemma drives them to choose the known rather than the unknown, even if the unknown is a better option for all parties. Investors and Deal Owners want to evaluate both the microeconomic and macroeconomic data and make the best decision they can in a matter of minutes. Together, we can fulfill this need and amplify the great work already being done by the EDOs.

HOW does the EDO search application help Investors, Deal Owners, and Economic Development Offices in the Deal Ecosystem? 

Investors and Partners & Deal Owners and Advisors
Provides them an apple to apple comparison of macroeconomic data, which allows for a quick analysis of the Country, State, and Regions. If they want to start digging into the microeconomic data, then they can easily search an EDOs marketplace that allows them to view & sort listings of other businesses that have been invested in within that area. Therefore allowing them to determine the business climate outlook for that specific area and business category.

EDO search coupled with EDO marketplaces will provide Economic Development Offices a macroeconomic level information on what people are searching for on the platform, but at a microeconomic level, it will provide EDOs with warm leads via your Marketplace’s User Activity Feed. That feed can be viewed and managed on the software platform or even API’d over to the Economic Development Office’s CRM of choice.

WHAT will Hopkins discuss at the TEDC Midyear Conference

Hopkins will be discussing the role of technology as a way to amplifying the efforts of EDOs, as well as, respond to the information demands of foreign investors.

For example, how should an EDO integrate with CRMs like SalesForce or Hubspot? Hopkins will be explaining how to use technology to gain useful business intelligence. He will also demonstrate how foreign investors are using your site and what can be done to optimize outcomes.

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