StageXchange to sponsor Texas-China Investment Summit

While China has always been a massive hub for manufacturing, the entrepreneurial spirit of the world’s most populated nation is growing in leaps and bounds. Cultivating these inter-pacific partnerships beyond mere production and consumption relations is a principle focus for both nations moving forward.

Texas itself on a global scale represents a major economic opportunity. StageXchange hopes to continue these inroads towards a deeper business relationship between the booming Austin, Texas and new markets emerging in China. Keith Hopkins, CEO and founder of StageXchange understands the pertinence the deal management platform has as both a sponsor and eventually facilitator behind many of these oncoming deals.

StageXchange itself has already made major strides in the markets spanning from the Middle East to the coasts of China. StageXchange is an American company looking to streamline and simplify global business intelligence. The app and website have built in features that will eradicate the pain points in international business such as currency conversion, ‘round the clock updates, and language/communication barriers.

Stateside, Hopkins has continued to carve a swathe through the Sun Belt, taking part in key conferences such as the upcoming Texas-China Investment Summit as well as showing the app’s value outside of development. In Tucson alone, StageXchange has presented tremendous value to an increasingly diverse array of early stage companies spanning several industries.

Included in the summit are private and municipal figures from Austin, including Mayor Steve Adler, members of the Chamber of Commerce, county judges and key speakers who span the mileage between Asia and the United States. StageXchange is excited to step into the fray at the Texas China Investment Summit and show the esteemed multinational panel the tremendous value the company poses for the future of globalized economics.

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