StageXchange launches new and improved website

StageXchange is in the business of business, with modern technology the fuel in the machine. For a business like StageXchange to continue to evolve and maintain its growth, harnessing the finest technology is tantamount to a positive future. The company also understands that while it may represent an end to end, complete business intelligence platform, it is also capable in the realm of investor and developer relations. In today’s world, the internet is at the epicenter of innovation. While StageXchange intends on developing into the global premier solution for information asymmetry, the company also understands the need for the best functionality for its users and future prospects.

Chief Technology Officer Rick Szatkowski has assembled a team of aspiring interns, marketing consultants, and software masterminds to reinvigorate the StageXchange website for the current and future.

The new promises faster load times and an easier access to the digital deal book for prospective clients, while giving greater functionality and simplicity to the current user. The website will be friendlier to the user and the browser, expecting to handle the eventual load of additional traffic and greater data entry.

As always, the commitment to the “living pro forma” is rooted in smooth workflow management and a website that works as well for the user as it does for technology. StageXchange is thrilled to show the world how powerful their technology is and how much more it can be.

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