StageXchange hits $3B in sought investments on capital raising platform

StageXchange was devised to seamlessly combine investor and developer interests together for the digital age. With the hard work of its founding team and a commitment to consistent improvement based on client input, StageXchange is making major moves in the international market. Following a momentous weekend at the Texas China Investment Summit in the booming city of Austin, the city and major players from both sides of the globe have begun seeking their capital and hosting their pro forma’s on StageXchange. StageXchange initially broke into the market as a due diligence business intelligence vehicle for real estate investors and developers, but soon after showed its versatility in other realms.

Thus far StageXchange as an application has risen to the occasion, proving that the technical mechanics match the scheme versatility that has made it a true asset in every industry that has tested it. With the influx of interest and perspective from our Chinese counterparts, Austin has begun to bill itself as a “Silicon Valley South.” Its already reputable cultural experiences and burgeoning technology industry have made it a major draw among cities doing things right. StageXchange itself works as a gear within the greater machine that drives innovation at record pace, and is proud to announce that major companies spread across many industries are now seeking over three billion dollars in capital raising to spur forward the continued boom that Austin has shown it can sustain.

Texas is one of the friendliest states for business as well as a tremendous destination for aspiring professionals. Austin combines Texas sized opportunity for gifted entrepreneurs with the cultural depth to keep investors enthralled with the city’s potential. While innovative in its own right, StageXchange is more than happy to be the gearbox that brings brilliant minds with the funding they need to grow – at record time and at an affordable cost. With sought capital raising within StageXchange reaching such a lofty figure, the due diligence application has shown its mettle to grow in leaps and accept the responsibility that follows.

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