StageXchange brings SITE Selector to North Carolina

SITE Selector On the Road

Coming off of the tremendously positive reception at Select USA StageXchange, we are pleased to announce that we will be taking our joint product SITE Selector on the road. Our first stop is the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina (EDPNC) offices where we will demonstrate the tool's potential to disrupt the way site selection is done. For those unfamiliar with SITE Selector we offer a free tool for economic development organizations to bolster their outreach efforts. Communities and sites are added at no cost into the SITE Selector Marketplace where they can be matched to vetted projects. The process creates a level playing field for all economic development organizations to compete for the next Amazon HQ2 search.  

We're Headed to North Carolina:

Our reception at Select USA was so positive that we knew that we needed to maintain the momentum by taking our product out on the road for a test drive. Our first stop is North Carolina where we will be meeting with Christopher Chung of the EDPNC. We journey with the goal of generating excitement among people who spend countless hours attempting to figure out what information investors need to want to bring revenue to their region.  Our job with this trip is to demonstrate that they don’t need to jump through rings of fire. They just need to upload a small amount of information into our marketplace and let platform do the rest.


Why Choose Site Selector:

Site Selector has no bias for a metro area over a rural one. No one needs to be wined and dined or courted with our platform. The agnostic tool delivers accurate, real time intelligence that enables investors to compare opportunities in an environment that demonstrates the real value of a site, company, or region.

So as we head off to North Carolina we do so with a great deal of excitement, pride and hope. If you or your region would like to learn more about how we can help EDOs to attract investment, drop us an email or call.



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