SITE Selector Debuts at Select USA

The 2019 SelectUSA Investment Summit is over and now the real work begins as we add projects and communities to our platform.   This was StageXchange's third year as an exhibitor and it was by far the most successful.  This year we attended the summit to launch and it was a huge success.  Feedback was overwhelmingly positive from the countless number of economic development organizations (EDOs) we spoke with. Amazingly, over 100 EDOs across the country expressed interest in joining the Site Selector community.   After walking the floor, listening to dozens of industry experts, and just talking to people we left with a better understanding of the particular challenges facing EDOs and corporate site selectors today. 

Every year that we have attend Select USA, we leave feeling uplifted and optimistic about the future. It would be difficult to walk the floor and not be moved by the hard work and resourcefulness of all those people who have dedicated their lives to bringing jobs and opportunities to their region. These EDO champions aren't doing it for personal gain. They are unsung heroes that work tirelessly to bring jobs to their towns, cities, and regions for the sake of this generation and the next. Those of us at StageXchange salute you for your hard work and hope that our new product will help make your job 10x easier by offering you this free tool to market your region.

Site Selector is a dynamic flexible site selection tool that can be used to equalize the playing field for EDOs and help investors find the perfect site for their requirements. That means being able to review available sites in a dashboard that enables apple-to-apple comparisons. Companies can now select from up to 150 different criteria to find their best community matches. This saves weeks and months of research for investors. Our business intelligence paired with One-Click due diligence tools enables companies to streamline the due diligence process and quickly ascertain the site that makes the most sense for their investment objectives.

We aren't here to disrupt the site selection industry, we came to revolutionize it.  Learn more @ or check out our video here:

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