SelectUSA Summit Thoughts

washington-dc-nightLeaving SelectUSA is a lot like going home after summer camp. We had a kinetic and formative experience at the summit that has developed my perspective and will allow me to broaden my vision while narrowing my focus. I was able to listen to speakers from all over the country; witness the passion of Gov. Bevin and hear how last year's event contributed to over $1 billion in FDI being brought to the state of Kentucky. The energy at the summit was positively charged and it truly felt like--pardon my cliche-- history was being made all around us. 

Foreign investors are like everyone other VC. They want a good investment. They want to develop opportunities that will strengthen their financial position and work with their own brand. Part of this is providing the right showcase. SelectUSA is an analogy for our platform. It was a place where representatives from all over the US could highlight their best and brightest and demonstrate value and strengths. This was what we intended to do with our software and what the conference was able to do on a macro scale.

We have learned that as the world becomes smaller, the competition becomes more fierce. This is why we need to take every opportunity to elevate our brand and develop our niche services. SelectUSA has helped us better understand where we want to go as a company and for that, among so many other things, I am grateful.

I want to thank all of those startups who "came with us" to SelectUSA. You reached for the brass ring and that shows a winning mentality. Together we will make a difference.


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