Purpose Driven Investment, A Great Idea Whose Time Has Come

StageXchange is a great believer in purpose driven investment and has dedicated our time and energy to helping nonprofits, startups, and developing regions get a fair shot at funding. We have partnered with great organizations like Patriot Boot Camp and Student Startup Madness in order to provide visibility and accessibility to teams and individuals who would not otherwise have the resources to do so. We believe the time has come for everyone to “put their money where their mission is” and would like to offer our services to nonprofits and disadvantaged startups.

We are instituting a new “Freemium” program for nonprofits and eligible startups to raise funding using our deal platform at no cost to them. This program will make our deal platform and all of its pro formas, analytics, document repositories, and 3rd party validation tools available at no cost.

All of us at StageXchange agree with Anne Frank when she said that “No one has ever become poor by giving.” We have been given a lot of help and assistance to get to where we are now and are excited that we now have the opportunity to give back.

Image by Madi RobsonWhether business investment or donations, people want to know their money will be well-used. Our platform was designed with investors in mind, and will help you to create the type of pitch that gains donor and investor interest, as well as, validate the information contained within. When investors and donor see that their money will be used effectively it makes it easier for them to say “yes”. We want to help you get that “YES”.

We encourage nonprofits and startups that are having difficulties raising funds to reach out to us and inquire about our new program.

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