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artem-bali-745707-unsplashStageXchange is currently developing an exciting beta program that we believe will have a positive and profound effect on the county-level EDOs we are working with. Developing this program enabled us to better understand what it is these smaller EDOs need to be successful so that we can better assist in their economic development goals. Visibility is a great equalizer, as is validation. One of the key features of StageXchange is the 3rd Party validation it delivers to investors. Many of these lesser known regions swim upstream to prove that they can offer the same, if not better, value than areas better known to foreign investors. We provide that validation for our clients and have the depth and capacity to demonstrate visibly an areas's competitive worth.

We cannot wait to release more information about the new beta program and see what happens when local EDOs are given a powerful tool to use to pitch their sites and region. Having worked in the investment world for many years we knew how to develop a platform that could streamline the process for investors. Understanding their requirements, decision points, and process was vital to developing a platform with the necessary information. This knowledge is also what lets us be a resource for regions looking to attract FDI and improve their prospects for investment.

So here's to the future and our next big announcement. Thanks again to all of the EDO partners who have joined us on this journey and for those who have not yet reached out, there are still spaces available. 


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